Erigone was the name of the daughter of Icarius and also the daughter of Aegisthus and Clytemnestra. The name could mean 'child of strife', from eris, 'strife' and gonos, 'child', 'offspring', or 'much offspring', from eri-, 'very', 'much' and the same gonos.

For Icarius' daughter, at least, the first interpretation would be fitting since she hanged herself and prayed that all the daughter of Athens should do likewise. The second Erigone does not seem to merit either version, so we must perhaps settle for the propitious 'plentiful offspring' meaning for her.

There is no record of this being fulfilled. But possibly another meaning altogether could be appropriate. One alternative is 'born in spring', from ear, 'spring' and gonos, 'child'. A spring child is clearly one born at a propitious and fruitful time.