Pero was the pretty daughter of Neleus, king of Pylus, and Chloris. She was much sought after by the young men of Messene, but the lucky man to win her was Bias, together with the aid of his brother Melampus. (Maybe Bias' name helped, too.) Her name appears to derive from either pera, 'wallet', 'bag' or peros, 'maimed', 'deficient'.

There is no obvious connection between Pero and a wallet, at least not one that has come down to us. (Compare Paris, where there was a specific link with this word.) Nor is there a direct association between Pero and any kind of deficiency: in fact, just the reverse, since she attracted suitors in plenty and as a mother produced several children. There is an oblique reference that might be made here, however.

This is that Iphicles had become impotent through being frightened as a child and he was later cured by Melampus - who was a rival for Pero in marriage! But perhaps such a tenuous connection is best disregarded and another source should be sought. This might be from pero or peiro, 'to penetrate', which in Pero's case, as mentioned, could well have a sexual significance.