Polydorus means exactly the same as Polydora. There were two notable characters so called. One was a king of Thebes who was said to be the only son of Cadmus and Harmonia. The other was the youngest son of king Priam. (His mother, according to the Iliad, was Laothoë, the daughter of king Altes.)

This is an obvious and actual royal name. The 'many gifts' of the Theban king seem to have been literary, since he was the son of Cadmus who had introduced the letters of the Greek alphabet from Phoenicia. Moreover he was nicknamed Pinacus, meaning 'writing-tablet man' (pinax, pinacos, 'notice board' and its diminutive pinacion, 'writing tablet'). His son was Labdacus, whose name see for more on the letters of the alphabet.