Salmoneus was a son of Aeolus and Enarete and a brother of Sisyphus. His first wife was Alcidice, who bore him Tyro, and later he married Sidero. He was a king of Salmonia, in Elis, and there is a good case for regarding his name as 'Halmoneus' and so making him a 'seaman', from halme, 'salt water', especially as Elis was a coastal district on the Ionian Sea.

The 'good case' here is that's' often took the place of'h' in Greek, especially in the Aeolian dialect, and a similar interchange took place between Greek and Latin words, such as Greek hys and Latin sus, 'pig', Greek hals and Latin sal, 'salt', Greek hex and Latin sex, 'six', Greek hepta and Latin septem, 'seven', Greek herpo and Latin serpo, 'to crawl', and so on.