Scamander (or Scamandrus) was a Trojan river and its god, this river being the Maeander (today the Menderes) whose god Maeander we have already considered (see this name). Scamander was the son of Oceanus and Tethys, and the father of Teucer by the nymph Idaea, as well as of Callirrhoë and Strymo.

The name seems to derive from scazo, 'to limp' or perhaps scaios, 'left', 'awkward' and aner, andros, 'man', thus being a 'limping man' or a 'clumsy man' This would refer to the many bends and winds ('meanders') of the river, which does not run straight and true but 'limps' its way along. Scamander was also known as Xanthus.