Tros, predictably, was a king of Troy, and his name is inextricably linked with the name of the city. He married the river-nymph Callirrhoë, and she bore him Ganymede. At its basest level, we can only interpret his name as 'Trojan'. The actual origin of the city name is still unresolved.

All we do know is that so called 'troy' weight derives not from the Greek city but from the French town of Troy es. This is rather disappointing. The French are luckier: their word truie, 'sow' derives from the Greek city via Latin porcus troianus, 'Trojan pig'. It seems that in the twelfth century, a type of game stuffing was so called in humorous allusion to the Wooden Horse, which was 'stuffed' with Greek soldiers to capture Troy.