Sterope was one of the seven Pleiades, and the mother of Oenomaüs by Ares. Her name could, perhaps, mean 'stubborn face', from stereos, 'stiff', 'stubborn' and ops, 'face', but in view of her celestial role it would make better sense to derive it from sterope, 'lightning', 'glare'.

In astronomy her name is used in the form Asterope to apply to the faintest of the seven stars in the Pleiades that are visible to the naked eye. (Some ancient stories say that Merope was the name given to the faintest of the seven, since of the seven sisters she was the only one to marry a mortal - Sisyphus.

The fact remains that Sterope today is the faintest.) Sterope was also the name of the daughter of Cepheus and Neaera, and the daughter of Acastus and Astydamia (or Hippolyta), together with Laodamia and Sthenele. It was also the name (usually in the form Asterope) of one of the four horses that drew the chariot of Helios.