Tisamenus was a king of Sparta and Argos, and a son of Orestes by Hermione. He was overthrown by the Heraclids (the descendants of Heracles) when they invaded the Péloponnèse, and led a band of followers to the north where, however, he was killed fighting the Heraclids or in some other battle.

Another Tisamenus was a king of Thebes, the son of Thersander and Demonassa. His reign was markedly uneventful, and he was succeeded by his son Autesion. The name of both kings is inappropriate for their actual lives and reigns, since it means 'strength of revenge', 'retribution', from tisis, 'penalty', 'punishment', 'reward' and menos, 'strength', 'spirit'. Of course, in the case of Orestes' son the name could more broadly indicate the continuing feud between the house of Thy estes and that of his brother Atreus.