Triops (or Triopas) was the name of several characters, including a number of kings of Argos, Thessaly and Rhodes. One Triops was a son of Phorbas, another was the son of Poseidon and Canace, a third was the son of Helios and Rhode.

For these and many more the name means either 'three-eyed' or 'three-faced', from tri-, 'three' and ops, 'face', 'eye'. The 'three-eyed' reading makes sense for the son of Phorbas, who was engaged by Temenus as a guide when conquering the Péloponnèse. For the others the reference may be a generally divine or magical one, alluding to an ancient sky-god, perhaps. One of the by-names of Zeus was Trioculus, and of Apollo was Triopius.