Taygete was one of the Pleiades, so was a daughter of Atlas and Plei'one. After Zeus had seduced her (an attempt by Artemis to turn her into a doe having failed), she bore Lacedaemon. Her name has no obvious Greek derivation, and although 'properly' it should be spelt Taügete, the first half of the name does not appear to be derived from tauros, 'bull'.

Robert Graves inventively boils it down from a word tanygenuetos, 'long-cheeked', from tanyo, 'stretch' and geneus, 'both jaws', 'cheek'. This presumably could be a complimentary epithet, as 'cow-eyed' was. (There were similar words for physical characteristics, such as tanyetheiros, 'long-haired and tanypous, 'long-legged'.)